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Staying In Touch With John Knox Village East

This is the John Knox Village East Blog where you can find information relevant to seniors.  This information ranges from updates to healthcare policy to ways to stay fit, active and engaged as you age.

What Are The Specifics Of My Long Term Care Insurance Policy

With the new year in full swing, many people take the opportunity to update their documents, become more organized, update their important papers and examine their insurance coverage.  Some people that we meet with at John Knox Village East have long term care insurance that will help pay if they ever need long term care.  […]

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What You Need To Know About A Rehab Stay

So your doctor has told you that you need a rehab stay to build your strength back up or recuperate from a procedure.   Here are some things you need to know.  First, what is required for Medicare to cover your expenses, second what Medicare covers and third what your provider options are. Medicare Details Neither […]

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Protect Yourself Against The Flu

Over the past couple months we have addressed ways to keep yourself protected – whether that be early detection of a sepsis infection, protection against the effects of aging, protection against the financial impact of long term care, protection against isolation or protection against the flu.  This month, we’d like to focus on the last […]

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Be Aware of the Dangers of Sepsis and the Importance of Early Detection

September is Sepsis Awareness month; so, we thought we’d share some of the basics of Sepsis.  Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection that can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death. In other words, it’s your body’s overactive and toxic response to an infection.  At John Knox Village East & […]

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Protect Yourself All Year Round

With August being Immunization awareness month, it got me to thinking about the multiple ways folks who live at John Knox Village East are protected.  The obvious way protection tied to vaccination awareness is that every year we administer flu shots to help people stay healthy during the height of the flu season.  We know […]

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Make Every Season A Summer

As summer nears and weather theoretically gets nicer (if the rain ever stops), people become more active and able to get outside. Folks who have stayed inside during the winter out of fear of falls or accidents while driving are able to take advantage of the change in weather to walk outside again, drive places […]

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Find Out How To Bloom In Retirement

As we enter into the month of May and see some nice weather occasionally, the flowers blooming make me think of the residents of our community and how they really bloom once they move to John Knox Village East.  There are many reasons that people seem to grow in this environment. As people move to […]

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As I meet with people who move to John Knox Village East, people have many different reasons that they decide to make the move to a senior living community. These reasons may be similar to yours or they may be a different reason. In any event, I thought you might like to know why some […]

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Don’t Let Winter Be Detrimental To Your Well-Being

So far this winter, we’ve had more snow, ice and cold weather than we have for several years. The occurrence of bad weather can be very impactful to the overall well-being of people, especially as they age.  Bad weather can lead to falls, illness and isolation. Falls are one of the leading causes of people […]

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Things To Watch For During The Holidays

The Christmas season may be one of the few times we get to visit our parents if we live far away and rely primarily on the phone to communicate with them. It’s not uncommon for us to notice changes from year to year in our parents as they age.  Sometimes these changes are signals that […]

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