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Staying In Touch With John Knox Village East

This is the John Knox Village East Blog where you can find information relevant to seniors.  This information ranges from updates to healthcare policy to ways to stay fit, active and engaged as you age.

Capture Your Own Gold Medal With An Active Retirement Community

We just concluded another Winter Olympics and watched as athletes from various countries gather in Pyeongchang, South Korea. As we saw competitors from Norway, Germany, the United States and other countries climb the podium to accept their medals, it makes us wonder how to keep striving, keep achieving, keep persevering throughout this journey we call […]

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Find Your Best You Among Friends In An Active Retirement Community

As the New Year is upon us, it’s only natural that we tend to make resolutions on things we’d like to improve about ourselves or our lives. Many times, with older adults these resolutions tend to fall into a few common categories. Some people want to “de-clutter” their lives and get rid of so much […]

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Giving the Gift of Senior Care in a Retirement Community

As Christmas nears, it’s only natural to think of the many gifts that come from living at a retirement community. Those gifts come to both our parents who choose to call John Knox Village East home as well as their children who know that mom and dad are being taken care of. Senior care benefits […]

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I’m Thankful for the Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community

As Thanksgiving is upon us this week, we wanted to take a moment and let you know what some of the folks that call John Knox Village East home are thankful for. Many people tell us the biggest thing they’re thankful for once they move to John Knox Village East is the peace of mind […]

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Senior Living Should Appease Your Fears of Retirement, Not Fuel Them

As the month of October nears to a close and Halloween is here, it is an appropriate time to think about some of the things that scare us about senior living communities. At John Knox Village East, we can put your fear of retirement to rest. Many times, we fear moving to a senior living […]

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Cost Of Long Term Care

Assisted Living Cost vs. Long-term Care If you’re contemplating long-term care for a parent or other senior family member—whether it’s assisted living or skilled nursing care—one of your first thoughts could very well be, “How much is it going to cost?” The answer depends, of course, on the type of services needed and the setting […]

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Senior Living Community Encourages Lifelong Learning

As the middle of August rolls around and our kids head back to school, it made me think that learning is a lifelong endeavor. It doesn’t stop just because you graduate high school or college.  Lifelong learning for seniors is an important component to keeping a healthy mind. At John Knox Village East, we help […]

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