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Staying In Touch With John Knox Village East

This is the John Knox Village East Blog where you can find information relevant to seniors.  This information ranges from updates to healthcare policy to ways to stay fit, active and engaged as you age.


A healthy diet can help you lose weight, feel better, and reduce the risk of age-related conditions such as heart disease and stroke. But eating nutritious foods can also lower the risk of cognitive decline as we age. A team of researchers found that older adults who consumed the most nutritious food lowered their risk […]

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Healthy Living Tips

Having a healthy living plan consists of a few different areas to focus on.  Among these are proper nutrition, physical activity and creating a safe home.  Here are some tips for these different areas of emphasis. GOOD NUTRITION The sense of taste and thirst weakens with age, so boost the flavor profile of meals with […]

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Should I Take My Parents With Me To Visit Communities?

When it’s time to begin touring prospective assisted living communities, you may wonder whether you should take your parent along. If your parent is excited about making the move — or at least on board with the idea —visiting communities and learning about options can be fun for both of you. If they’re resistant to […]

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5 Misconceptions Of Senior Living

When you hear the term “senior living community,” what does it mean to you? Think about or write down a few phrases that come to mind. Now — which of those are actually true?  It’s not unusual for people to have misconceptions about what living in a community is like, especially if they haven’t had […]

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Why It’s Important To Tour A Community

You don’t just want to find any community for your loved one. You want to find the right one, a place where they’ll be cared for in body, mind and spirit. Visiting communities in person offers you the chance to make sure they receive the best care in a supportive environment.  You may want to […]

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Assisted Living and Memory Care Checklist

You’ve noticed that your aging loved one may need to live in a more supportive environment.  They need help with things such as meals, housekeeping, taking medication, and grooming.  Or, perhaps they are showing some signs of cognitive decline.  You are doing your due diligence and checking out some assisted living or memory care options […]

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Choosing The Right Community For Someone You Love

There are many things to consider when choosing an assisted living or memory care community for someone you love. If you’ve never researched or had any experience with these types of senior living, you may wonder where to start.  First, let’s consider when assisted living or memory care is appropriate.   Assisted Living, as its […]

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So you’ve decided you are going to research your living options to provide you with the flexibility, security and peace of mind you desire as you age.  But where do you start when it comes to evaluating the options you consider.  Below are some guidelines that will help you to know what areas and categories […]

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You’ve made a terrific choice in selecting a new home at a senior living community that fits your lifestyle and needs. You’re eager to begin enjoying a more a worry-free future filled with all kinds of new opportunities. And as you near the finish line, you’re likely hoping to ensure your moving process continues to […]

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Introducing the New Standard of Safety at John Knox Village East

John Knox Village East is pleased to announce EverSafe 360°, the new standard in overall safety for residents and staff, developed by Life Care Services™, An LCS® Company. The last year has identified a need for innovative safety solutions, and John Knox Village East has answered the call. Harnessing fifty years of senior living industry […]

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