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Staying In Touch With John Knox Village East

This is the John Knox Village East Blog where you can find information relevant to seniors.  This information ranges from updates to healthcare policy to ways to stay fit, active and engaged as you age.

Fall Is A Time For Celebration and Reflection

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Traditionally it is a time of year to celebrate the harvest, prepare for the winter and enjoy those last few days of warm weather.  Fall is the time of year when fall festivals occur – think of pumpkin displays, the apple harvest and we have church dinners like […]

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Take Steps To Avoid A Fall This Autumn

As we move into September, we head out of summer and into fall and it makes me think of how many older people are injured each year due to slips, trips and falls. It’s a good time to remind people about fall prevention and safety.  Typically falls can help be prevented through a combination of […]

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Make The Most Of Your Independence

As this is the month of our nation’s independence, it always makes me stop and appreciate how folks at John Knox Village East continue their independence as they age.  In fact, some of you may not know this, but on average people at John Knox Village East are 3 or 4 years older when they […]

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Flag Day

As we recently paused to celebrate Flag Day by singing patriotic and military themed songs, it made me stop and think about how that applies to us on a daily basis.  Flag Day was set aside to honor the symbol of our nation – the American Flag and commemorate the original decree that stipulated the […]

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Here’s To Warmer Days Ahead

June is a month that always makes me think of growth and success.  It’s the time of year that the temperatures begin to rise, crops and plants are in their peak growing season and we recognize our fathers who helped us grow. Things continue to grow here at John Knox Village East.  As of this […]

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Easter 2022

As we move into April and the Easter season of rebirth, it’s appropriate that it almost feels as if our community has new life.  At the March Town Hall, Jeff shared that we no longer have to wear masks as long as we’re not in the care center, we don’t have to sign in and […]

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As the calendar turns to March and we look forward to St. Patrick’s Day, it made me think about the history behind the day of celebration.  March 17th is the anniversary of St. Patrick’s death and the Irish have observed this date as a religious holiday for over 1,000 years.  St. Patrick lived during the […]

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Why Your Entrance Fee Is the Deal of a Lifetime

Why Your Entrance Fee Is the Deal of a Lifetime. Your one-time entrance fee secures your place in our community.  But the long-term benefits of an entrance fee go far beyond merely securing a residence. Take a look at what you’re really acquiring with your entrance fee.   A Home to Call Your Own Assurance […]

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As the New Year is upon us, it’s only natural to focus our attention on our hopes for what the New Year will bring us in 2022.  At John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center, we’d like to share our hopes for this New Year with you. One of our hopes for the New […]

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Peace On Earth and Goodwill To Man

At this time of year during the Christmas season, we hear phrases and songs with the lyrics “peace on earth” and “goodwill to man”.  It made me think of how peace is one of the most common words I hear people reference after they’ve lived at John Knox Village East for a while.  They tell […]

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