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Fall Is A Time For Celebration and Reflection

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Traditionally it is a time of year to celebrate the harvest, prepare for the winter and enjoy those last few days of warm weather.  Fall is the time of year when fall festivals occur – think of pumpkin displays, the apple harvest and we have church dinners like the Lord’s Acre where people share their goods with their fellow man.

Living at a retirement community is not unlike the fall celebrations described above.  It’s a time when we can rest from our labors and enjoy festivities with our fellow residents and prepare for the future.  I tell people all the time that they can be as active as they wish when they move to John Knox Village East.  Some people truly view it as a time to relax and put their labors behind them.  Some continue to work at jobs they enjoy.  Either way, it’s a time to do the things you want to instead of the things you have to.

Whichever path you choose to follow at John Knox Village East I think even the most introverted person enjoys the communion with their fellow residents.  Whether it be a card game, a supper club outing, a field trip to see alpacas or just sitting in the lounge and enjoying a cup of coffee, I see people every day just enjoying each other’s company.  They’re at a similar stage of life, have shared experiences and just enjoy conversing about their lives.  There’s a difference between choosing to be alone (because you prefer solitude) and being alone because you have no choice (because you’re isolated).  People who have people fare better than those who don’t.

Living at John Knox Village East helps people prepare for the future.  They can leave the worries behind that tend to creep in when we wonder about what’s going to happen to us – who’s going to take care of me if I can’t take care of myself.  Being part of a LifePlan community (with independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and in-patient and out-patient rehab services) takes many of those worries away.  You know where you’ll receive care.  You know who’ll give it to you.  And, you don’t have to worry about moving again.

This fall, take steps to enjoy your life – put a plan in place that give you peace of mind and enjoy your fellow man.  Come see us at John Knox Village East to see how we can be a part of your plan.

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