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Staying In Touch With John Knox Village East

This is the John Knox Village East Blog where you can find information relevant to seniors.  This information ranges from updates to healthcare policy to ways to stay fit, active and engaged as you age.

Senior Living Community Encourages Lifelong Learning

As the middle of August rolls around and our kids head back to school, it made me think that learning is a lifelong endeavor. It doesn’t stop just because you graduate high school or college.  Lifelong learning for seniors is an important component to keeping a healthy mind. At John Knox Village East, we help […]

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Celebrate The Freedom That Comes With Independent Living

As we celebrate the independence of our nation this month and enjoy being a free country, it made me wonder what it means to truly be free. Typically, we can’t be our best selves when we are bogged down by stress and worry.  Freedom from worry and stress is when we experience our most happiness […]

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How To Move To A Retirement Community Soon

Many times, the stress of thinking about an impending decision is more troublesome than actually undertaking the task at hand. This is not an uncommon sentiment for people who have moved to John Knox Village East. Many people who live here tell me, “I don’t know what I was so worried and stressed about.  Once […]

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The Gift of Retirement Living & Peace of Mind for Mom

With Mother’s Day having been recently celebrated, the typical mother’s day gifts were purchased, customary lunches were held and cards were given. While Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate and recognize the mother’s in our lives – our own moms, our wives who mother our children, mothers-in-law or friends who typify what it […]

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Continuing Care Retirement Community Tax Deductions

Many people move to retirement communities to enhance their quality of life, for financial protection down the road, planning for their future healthcare as well as other reasons. But, one of the most often overlooked benefits of living at a community like John Knox Village East is the tax benefits that residents can receive. With […]

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Meeting the Needs of a New Generation of Seniors

At John Knox Village East we continue to receive press coverage in local papers around the area. We are excited to have been featured in the March 3rd edition of Living 50-Plus in The Richmond News.  This piece features the history of our campus and what separates us from other retirement living options.  The article demonstrates how […]

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John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center Evolves with Renovations

At John Knox Village East we are so proud to have been featured on the front page of our hometown newspaper, The Higginsville Advance last week.  The article highlights major updates that we’ve made to our campus.  We have enhanced the entrance to the community and we have upgraded rehabilitation services as well as dining […]

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Stay Healthy and Celebrate More Valentine’s Days

With February being Heart Health Awareness month, we wanted to take some time to share with you ways to maintain your heart health, tips for improving your heart health and guidelines for regaining your heart health after a cardiac event. At John Knox Village East and Meyer Care Center, we have highly trained and certified […]

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LifePlan Community Brings Certainty to Medicare Changes

As you prepare for the New Year and the changes that go along with it, considering a LifePlan community is one way to prepare for the uncertainty surrounding changes in the Medicare compensation model. With a new year, we all prepare for change. Some of us have plans to change ourselves for the better. We […]

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