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Why Do So Many People Love Their Life Plan Communities?

A look at one of the most popular benefits: Socializing.


“The list of activities going on is endless.”

“I look forward to dining with friends — the food is fantastic, but the company is the best!”

“I love having the opportunity to meet new people all the time.”

“I wish we had moved here sooner.”

These are just some of the glowing reviews we hear all the time from our residents. Once they move to

John Knox Village East they quickly discover how our lifestyle frees them from the hassles of chores and

home maintenance; provides a built-in social network; offers abundant opportunities to learn, socialize,

and pursue wellness in all its many dimensions; and comes with a priceless sense of security and peace

of mind. So many of our residents are just thankful to have a place like John Knox Village East to call home.

Let’s look at one of the biggest reasons people tell us they love about living at like John Knox Village East:


There’s always something to do and someone to do it with.

When neighbors and friends you’ve known for years move to a retirement community or across the

country to be closer to family, your circle of friends can start to shrink. But if you’re in an area you

love, how can you make more connections with people closer to your own age? One of the biggest

advantages of Life Plan Communities — like John Know Village East — is all your neighbors are around

your age and share similar life experience and memories. Giving you a built-in social network of peers

who share your desire to continue enjoying life on their own terms.

John Knox Village East also has no shortage of things to do. We offer a wide variety of on campus social

activities and events catered to your interests. You’ll find fitness and art classes, book and hobby clubs,

discussion groups, and opportunities to volunteer at the community and around Higginsville. Plus, if

you don’t find a group or club that fits your interests, we’re happy to help you start one. We also feature

a variety of planned daytrips to area attractions, theaters, pumpkin patches, church, farmers

markets and more. And the best part is we handle all the driving. The staff plans out special events just for the residents such as birthday parties, trips to local hot spots, bingo night and even featured speakers!

One of the missions of our community is to empower you to pursue whole-body wellness for a

healthier, happier and more active life. Once you make the move, you’re likely to find that your lifestyle

is even healthier and more active than it was when you were living in your own home. In fact, at John

Knox Village East, there’s so much to do and so many engaging and friendly people to do it with, you’ll

only be alone when you want to be.

To learn more about our highly social and active lifestyle, call us at 660-584-4416 or go to

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