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Convenience Aids Progress

There has been a change in recent months with regard to in-patient procedures.  Up until a few months ago, it was pretty typical that if someone had a hip, knee or some other joint replaced, they’d be in the hospital for a few days and then be released to spend several days at an in-patient rehab.  The whole theory was to get people strong enough to successfully return home without risk of re-hospitalization or other complications.

At John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center, we served numerous people throughout the years who rehabilitated at our in-patient therapy wing, some continued on an out-patient regimen after they returned home.  You can hear some of their success stories here.  Over the last several months, there’s been a shift.  We know of several people who had joint replacements and were sent back home to do therapy with a visiting therapist a few times a week or at a therapy clinic they have to drive to.

One of the benefits of living at John Knox Village East is the convenience of therapy right on site when you need it.  If it is determined that you need some in-patient therapy, we have that available in our Meyer Care Center. We have skilled physical, occupational and speech therapists to work with you.  They are certified in dementia care, stroke, lymphedema and Parkinson’s treatment among others.  We have a high rate of getting people back home and returning them to their prior level of function.

If, on the other hand, it is determined that you can receive the therapy you need on an out-patient basis, our therapists can work with you in your apartment.  This is both convenient and improves your success.  It’s not uncommon for someone to be taking therapy at a place where they have to travel to receive their treatment.  During the winter months, just as you’re making progress and hitting benchmarks, let’s say we get a snowstorm or ice.  Sometimes people will skip their therapy because they don’t want to risk traveling in bad weather or slipping and falling when they get out of the car.  Guess what – by the time the weather clears and you’re able to return to therapy, you’ve lost the progress you were making and have to start over to some degree.

By having therapists who can come right to your apartment, the weather isn’t a factor.  You don’t have to risk travel or slipping and falling and you can keep making progress to get back on your feet.

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