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Your Trusted Senior Living Partner

The last few blogs we’ve written have provided details about recent changes at John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center.  Change is inevitable with any organization. We’ve written about what’s changed and what’s stayed the same.  One of those items that remains constant is that we’re your trusted local partner for senior living.  Sure, that’s easy to say, but trust is earned by laying a foundation of service and respect and building on that to earn the trust of our residents and their families.  Let’s look at the elements provided by John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center that provide the building blocks of a trusted relationship.

The foundation of trust is embodied by our mission statement at John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center.  Our mission is to provide high quality housing, supportive services, and health care while fostering an environment which ensures freedom, dignity, independence and security for all residents.  We want to help residents age on their terms and maximize their independence.  These goals have been our mission for over 50 years and continue to this day.

We also strive to provide a family atmosphere at John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center.  We know our residents and our residents know us.  Many of the folks that enjoy calling our community home know the people that are helping them…and if they don’t they probably know the person’s parents or grandparents.

Another of the building blocks of trust at John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center is that we put people ahead of profits.  We are a not for profit 501c3.  That means that every dime we make above and beyond the cost of running our campus goes back into the community to improve the environment for residents.  It also means that we don’t have a profit margin we have to hit, a list of investors we have to answer to and dividends we have to pay out.  We only answer to the residents and their families.

Transparency is another foundation of the trusted relationship we’ve built with the local community over the last 59 years.  We welcome anyone to visit our campus and their loved ones at any time.  We’re locally owned and operated and managed by a local board of volunteer directors and our Executive Director, Tiffany Goetz.  Both the board and Tiffany are local to Higginsville and welcome input from the community.

Consistency and predictability is elemental in any trusting relationship.  We have consistently been a part of this community for over 5 decades.  We have provided consistent care for residents over that time.  But we are also adapting in preparation for the future and the long haul.  You can count on John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center to not only be here today and next year, but for decades to come.  The changes we’ve initiated are part of the long term vision to continue to serve this community.

Over the last 59 years, John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center has garnered the trust and respect of the local community through the care we’ve given to the thousands of residents that have called our campus home.  We welcome the opportunity to continue to earn that trust through openness, respect and putting people first.  We are proud to be a part of the Higginsville Community and surrounding areas.

Should you have any questions, call us at 660 584 7111 and ask to speak to the administrator, Tiffany Goetz.

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