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The Value Of Having An On Site Nurse Navigator

How many times have you or someone you know wound up in the hospital and felt like you were floating on an island, with little or no help to figure out where you go from here and what to do?  Hopefully not very often.  And, hopefully if you weren’t able to plan the next steps after your discharge from the hospital on your own you had a family member who was able and willing to step in and help navigate this course for you.    Sometimes, we don’t have relatives or helpers nearby to help us navigate our healthcare journey.  Sometimes, we do but this process of navigating the healthcare journey is not in their skill set.  It can be difficult and confusing dealing with health insurance, social workers, discharge planners and therapist options.

One of the ancillary benefits of calling John Knox Village East home is that you’re not in it alone.  If you have a health event that lands you in the hospital, our Nurse Navigator follows you through that process and helps you get back to home – whether that be directly back to home or with a transitional stay in our rehabilitation wing.

If your condition is not serious and you are able to go back home, our Nurse Navigator can help you set up therapy in your apartment and our therapists can come work with you one on one on an outpatient basis to improve your strength and balance and get you back into shape.

If your hospital stay was more serious in nature and you’d benefit from an in-patient stay in our rehab area, our Nurse Navigator can help you coordinate that as well.  You can rest easy that our statistics for getting people back to their prior level of ability is better than most and we always strive to rehab you back to your highest level of independence in the shortest period of time possible.

Once you’re back in your apartment, you can also benefit from our independent living nurse checking in on you to make sure you’re continuing to improve.  It’s a team effort here at John Knox Village East and Meyer Care Center and our goal is always to maximize your independence and abilities.  You can also benefit from supportive neighbors and a supportive staff, not the least of which is your Nurse Navigator who helps you navigate the healthcare system to return home.

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