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Assisted Living Reconsidered

Sometimes, people have a misperception of what as to what Assisted Living entails.  I think sometimes this is the case even more so at John Knox Village East where we provide different levels of care.  Not everyone understands the differences between independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing.  Today, we’ll focus on benefits of assisted living.

Assisted living can be appropriate for someone when scheduled support services are not enough or the support needed occurs at unpredictable times.  We do provide some support services at John Knox Village East in our independent living apartments.  If people need it, we can provide scheduled wellness checks and scheduled medication administration.  We can also provide temporary support in some cases following a hospital stay if someone needs a wound cared for.  However, if those scheduled support services cease to be sufficient, a move to assisted living may be appropriate.

In our assisted living neighborhood we provide help with activities of daily living.  This is help with those items that make your life easier but aren’t medically necessary.  Some of these activities include help with your medication, help with meals, help with cleaning, grooming, help in and out of the shower just to name a few.  Sometimes people think of assisted living as the same thing as the nursing home; which is not the case.

People in our assisted living neighborhood just need a little help to make sure they’re safe and properly fed and nourished.  Many of our assisted living residents go out to family functions, some go to church on Sunday as well as out to eat with family and friends.  We have had a few instances where a couple of our assisted living resident still drove.  They just supplied a doctor’s order that indicated it was still safe for them to operate a motor vehicle.  They were still able to maintain their independence, go out for coffee, dinner and yet have the security of knowing that when they returned home they had the help they needed.  In addition, we provide on-site in-patient and outpatient therapy services to help you get back on your feet if you’re having strength and mobility issues.

If you’d like to find out more about what we offer in our assisted living neighborhood, call us at 660 584 7111 or email us at  We’d be happy to give the information you need.

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