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The Gift of Retirement Living & Peace of Mind for Mom

With Mother’s Day having been recently celebrated, the typical mother’s day gifts were purchased, customary lunches were held and cards were given. While Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate and recognize the mother’s in our lives – our own moms, our wives who mother our children, mothers-in-law or friends who typify what it means to be a mother, the day of celebration made me think about some of the gifts the great mother’s in our lives would receive from living at John Knox Village East. Many of us may not think in terms of “gifts” when we think of living at a retirement community, but I can tell you from the conversations I have with the folks who call John Knox Village East home, it really is a gift to live here.

The most important gift from living at John Knox Village East, is the freedom to be your best self for as long as you can. What I mean by this is that stress and worry have a way of preventing us from living life to its fullest.  Most of us are only at our best when we are relaxed.  One of the primary worries folks have as they age is what they’ll do when they can no longer take care of themselves.  At John Knox Village East, we remove that worry because our residents know we’ll do everything we can to keep them active, involved and independent in their apartment for as long as possible, but when the times comes, they’ll receive top-notch care in our 5-Star-Rated Meyer Care Center.  In short, our residents have peace of mind knowing they’ll be well cared for no matter what level of help they need. We also have a nurse on staff at John Knox Village East, as well as an emergency call system to monitor folks and help keep them in their apartment homes.

One of the other big worries people have is what happens if they outlive their savings. With our Life Plan Community, we help people plan for their long term care costs. By being a member of a Life Plan Community, residents know they’ll enjoy a predictable, reduced fee when the time comes to pay for their Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing care.

Another gift residents are John Knox Village East enjoy is the gift of friendship. Many times we don’t stop to think of the impact that loneliness has on our overall health.  But, when we’re left alone in our homes and aren’t as mobile as we used to be, sitting in the living room day in, day out waiting for company that never comes can be very lonely and depressing, both of which have been shown to have negative consequences on our health.  By being in a community where a friendly smile or planned activity is as close as a walk down the hall, folks don’t have to rely on someone else to come visit them. We do everything we can to keep folks at the top of their game for as long as possible.

In addition to the health, financial and overall wellness gifts provided by being a resident as John Knox Village East, we also remove the worries of home maintenance, getting out when the weather is bad, as well as making sure medications are taken on time and that regular, healthy meals are available.

The gifts of living at John Knox Village East are vast and varied. Think about the ladies in your lives that would benefit from having these worries removed from their lives.  Call us today at 660-584-4416 or visit us at and fill out the form to find out more.

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