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How To Get Ready For A Virtual Visit Or Appointment

During this time of decreased social interaction and precautions, I’m sure you’ve had or will have appointments and meetings that either ask you to attend virtually or give you the option for attending virtually.  Your doctor, your civic organization, your church all may give you the option of attending a meeting or appointment virtually rather than meeting in person.  We’ve instituted virtual visits at John Knox Village East and Meyer Care Center to help keep people safe.

During this process of coordinating virtual visits, we’ve developed a quick guide to Zoom meetings that you may find helpful, as Zoom is one of the most common tools people are using to conduct meetings virtually.

Below is a step by step guide for using Zoom.

Sign up for a Free Zoom Account

You sign up for an account with your name and email address.

You can get Zoom two ways:

  1. On your laptop, sign up at vs.
  2. On your mobile device, download the app on Google Play or at the Apple app store.

How the Meeting Will Work

  • Your meeting host will send you an invitation with an email link and a password for our meeting.

At the meeting time, just click on the link, enter the password, and then you’ll be invited into the meeting.

  • Make sure your laptop or mobile camera is on, and your sound is turned up.

Other Options

There are other tools for conducting virtual meetings such as FaceTime, Google Duo and Skype.  You can also use Facebook live, messenger or rooms to conduct video conferencing.

  • All of these involve downloading the appropriate app on either Google Play or the Apple App store or by signing up for an account on your computer.
  • You will need a speaker and a camera on either your phone or computer to participate in the meeting or visit.
  • You and the person you’re communicating with can reach each other once these services are logged into and you know the persons phone number, email address or user name.

For a Zoom checklist, click here.

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