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Decluttering Your Home

This uniquely unprecedented year has given us all more time at home. It’s provided increased chances to consider our surroundings and take stock of what’s important. Experts will also tell you it represents a great chance to tidy up and get organized.

Taking time to declutter now can pay off down the road if you decide to make your move to a maintenance-free residence at a senior living community. Below, find a few of the top reasons why now is the perfect time for a bit of preemptive rightsizing.

Find a sense of stress-relieving achievement

» While many of the elements of today’s world feel unsettled, our personal space is a great place to focus our attention and energy. Take a smart, well-planned approach to cutting down on clutter, and you’ll be surprised at how great you’ll feel.

Set yourself up for a more flexible future

» By consolidating down to the things that truly add value and bring joy to your life, you open yourself up to a broader range of options. If you’re considering selling your home, eliminating excess stuff can allow potential buyers to better see themselves in the space and help you sell for top dollar. Plus, you can be confident knowing you’ve already taken a great first step toward a less stressful moving process.

Discover a renewed appreciation for what you value most

» With less unnecessary stuff taking up space, you can get more enjoyment out of long-cherished belongings and perhaps even a thing or two previously lost in the clutter.  This process may also bring opportunities to pass certain heirlooms on to friends and family. Doing so now can allow you to personally share those memories and gain the satisfaction of handing down important pieces of family history.

Avoid becoming a burden

» You certainly shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help from family members during this decluttering and downsizing process. But being the one to take charge of the project will prevent those you love from having to step in to make decisions on your behalf. This not only means you get to do things on your terms, but also lifts an emotional weight off the shoulders of the people around you.

We’re here to be a resource for all facets of healthy and happy living. Call 660-584-4416 if you have questions about downsizing or would like to connect with our expert local partners who can help you through the process.

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