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Why Move To A Retirement Community

One of the most commonly heard phrases among residents of senior living communities is, “I wish I’d moved here sooner.” That’s because, once they make the move and begin enjoying the extra time and freedom they have — not to mention all the activities, services and amenities — they wonder why they ever hesitated to begin with.  In this article, we’ll look at some of the main benefits independent living residents cite when asked what they love most about life in their communities.

Seven unique benefits of life in a senior living community

  1. Live an active, wellness-focused lifestyle. The best senior living communities have well-thought-out wellness programs designed to empower residents to pursue their highest level of health in all dimensions of wellness, including intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, vocational and social. You’ll find a wide selection of activities and resources designed to make it easy and convenient to enhance or maintain your overall wellness, which brings us to number 2 …
  2. You’ll never be bored. Most senior living communities offer a robust calendar with a wide array of social events, recreational activities, educational events, spiritual services and groups, and other things to become involved in. You may choose to head out the door in the morning and do water aerobics or join a group exercise class followed by lunch with friends. In the afternoon you might take a learning class, spend some time in the puzzle room, or volunteer at a local school or nonprofit organization. Following a delicious dinner, you may choose to enjoy movie night or attend a musical performance. One thing is sure: You’ll never be bored unless you want to be.
  3. Find new friends and social opportunities. As we age, living alone in our homes can lead to loneliness and isolation, which is not only detrimental to our mental and emotional health, but also to our physical health. At a senior living community, there’s always something to do and someone to do it with. You’ll find many like-minded individuals who are eager to make new friends, enjoy meals together, engage in stimulating conversations, and more. If you’re more of an introvert, don’t worry.  Your privacy will always be respected, and you can choose to be alone at any time while still knowing you have friends nearby.
  4. Enjoy delicious meals you don’t have to cook. Independent living residences at senior living communities typically include full kitchens, so you can always prepare a snack or cook a meal if you’d like. But if you’d rather turn the cooking duties over to someone else, you can do that, too. When you live at a senior living community, you won’t have to shop for groceries, cook meals or wash the dishes. Instead, you’ll enjoy prepared meals that can range from grab-and-go convenience and casual restaurant-style dining to more upscale choices — all without ever tipping or waiting for a check.
  5. Never worry about home maintenance or yardwork again. Senior living communities are maintenance-free in every sense of the word. You’ll never have to worry about repairing or replacing an appliance or a home system again.  If something goes wrong, simply call the community’s maintenance department and they’ll take care of it. You won’t even have to change a lightbulb. They’ll handle other things, too, like hanging pictures, cleaning carpets, washing windows, and so much more. And you can go ahead and get rid of your lawnmower and hang up your rake and snow shovel for good, because you won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, raking leaves or shoveling snow ever again.
  6. Feel safe 24/7. You’ll always have someone watching out for you when you make your home at a senior living community. From 24-hour security systems and personnel to emergency response and personal alert systems, senior living communities take your safety seriously. You’ll also find that these communities are designed with features that make your environment safer and easier to navigate, which helps reduce the risk of falling or other types of accidents.
  7. Lock in a secure future and priceless peace of mind. If the community you’re considering is a Life Plan Community (also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC), you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that, if your needs ever change, you’ll be able to continue living in the community you love. And, if you elect a Life Care contract, if you ever need a higher level of care — assisted living or skilled nursing — your cost is likely to remain essentially the same as it was for independent living. This peace of mind extends to your family members, who will rest easier knowing they won’t have the burden of finding care for you if a crisis occurs in the future.

There’s just an ease to life in a senior living community. Residents experience lower level of stress and fewer unwanted demands on their time than seniors who are trying to maintain a home. The result is a more carefree life and a sense of freedom that can truly make your retirement years your best years.

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