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Why It’s Important To Tour A Community

You don’t just want to find any community for your loved one. You want to find the right one, a place where they’ll be cared for in body, mind and spirit. Visiting communities in person offers you the chance to make sure they receive the best care in a supportive environment.  You may want to tour several communities yourself before bringing along your loved one.

That way they only see the top choices and can help select the right one.

  1. See the community in person.

Pictures are great, but you notice so much more about a community when you’re there.  You can see for yourself the cleanliness of the private and common areas, take in the décor and assess the level of accessibility. You can begin to gauge if your loved one would truly be comfortable in the space, if they’d feel welcome and safe. The quality of the environment will have a big impact on your loved one’s quality of life.

  1. Meet the care team.

Speak to the people your loved one would interact with on a daily basis. Ask about their experience and their qualifications. Observe how they interact with the residents, and consider if your loved one would benefit from the same kind of care and attention. You might ask about the kinds of resources the care team have at their disposal. Do they offer specialized equipment to help your loved one exercise, participate in activities, go on outings — what sort of additional amenities make this community the best place for your loved one to receive care?

  1. Sample the food.

Meals will be a huge part of your loved one’s everyday experience. Make an appointment to sample a meal and make sure this part of their day will always be a bright spot. Find out if family members are allowed to join their loved ones for meals, and if so, how often.  If your loved one has dietary restrictions or needs help with eating, ask how the community can accommodate those requirements. Do they work with a dietician or a nutritionist to make sure your loved one receives healthy meals that will help them make the most of every day?

  1. Speak to residents or other family members.

Your best source for insights into the community will be people who live there and the loved ones who support them. Ask for references of good people to contact. That way you can get their impressions of the campus and find out more about their experience with team members. Ask what they wish they’d known before they moved and what they love about their decision.

  1. Observe some activities.

Make sure your loved one will be entertained, engaged and challenged by the scheduled activities at the community. Discover for yourself if the activity coordinators are engaging and attuned to residents’ needs. And find out if the activities are any fun!

  1. Get answers to your questions.

As you tour the campus, have a list of questions that are important to you and your loved one. The sales staff and other team members want you to have the information you need to make an informed decision, so don’t hesitate.

You might start with the big questions. What is the fee structure? If there is an entrance fee, is it refundable? What plans are in place if your loved one needs higher levels of care?

Seize your opportunity to ask your questions in person, and if you think of more after you’ve left, you can always follow up with your tour guide.

Beyond browsing a website or reading a brochure with pictures of smiling people, touring a community provides you the opportunity to dig deeper into the information that’s important to you and your loved one. It’s an important decision, and several care and lifestyle pieces need to come together to create the right fit for you and them, so visit a community as many times as you need.

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