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Taking A Break From Our Labors Doesn’t Mean Stopping Our Activity

As we get ready to mark the end of summer and commemorate Labor Day, it made me think that as many of us look forward to retiring, we tend to think of it as the time we can revel in not having a routine, not having work to go to every day and just being able to do what we want. People tend to sometimes have that view of retirement communities as well- they envision a gathering of older people who have nothing to do and just sit around and play bingo every day.  This perception of retirement and retirement communities is not accurate and should not be what we aspire to experience as we age.

Senior Living doesnt mean doing nothingWhen we reach that time in our lives where we can leave the routine of a regular job behind, it should be a time for us to continue to be active and grow in our experiences. One of the main differences between our retirement years and our working years should be the element of choice.  As we leave our formal careers behind, we should be able to spend our time doing the activities we want to do, rather than those we feel we have to.  Senior living should be a time of enjoyment.

There are many different ways to stay active at John Knox Village East.  And these options should be ones you feel like you’ll enjoy.  You don’t have to participate in everything.  You can try something and if you don’t like it, try something else.  Some of the opportunities residents who live our senior apartments enjoy are varied.  Some residents like to volunteer at Meyer Care Center, which offers assisted living and skilled nursing care as part of our retirement community.  They can volunteer at activities like the men’s coffee, bible study or hymn sing.  There are also opportunities to volunteer within the community at large.  Some residents belong to civic organizations, while others pass out food for the local food pantry.  Volunteering is only one way to stay active, however.

Some people look forward to their retirement years as an opportunity to do things they’ve always wanted to but didn’t have the time to enjoy while they were working full time. They take up hobbies or games that they find a passion for.  Some enjoy arts and crafts, some join book clubs, others take up playing cards, fishing, golfing, traveling, among others.  At John Knox Village East, we have many different activities that residents enjoy and if there’s an activity you’d like to add, our activity director is always willing to try something new.  You can hear from one of our residents here and find out why they like calling John Knox Village East home.

Call us at 660-584-4416 or email us at to find out how we can help you stay active in retirement with those things you love to do as you take a break from your labors.

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