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Peace On Earth and Goodwill To Man

At this time of year during the Christmas season, we hear phrases and songs with the lyrics “peace on earth” and “goodwill to man”.  It made me think of how peace is one of the most common words I hear people reference after they’ve lived at John Knox Village East for a while.  They tell me how fortunate they feel to have the peace of mind of knowing they are in a supportive environment.

They realize that living at John Knox Village East won’t prevent bad things from happening, but it gives them peace of mind knowing that should something occur they have a supportive team in place to help them address it.  Folks know if they need help, it’s as simple as a call to the office and someone will be there to address what they need.  This help can take many forms.

In some cases, it’s as simple as having a meal delivered to their apartment when they’re not feeling up to eating in the dining room.  In other cases, it’s that they’ve got a problem with their TV, cell phone or tablet and they want someone to fix it.  Sometimes it’s as benign as needing someone to move a chair that has a cell phone dropped behind it.  However, in other cases, the problems can be more serious and long-standing.

In some cases, folks have trouble with taking accurate doses of their prescriptions at the prescribed time.  Our nursing staff can set these folks up on a routine schedule to administer their medication and make sure it’s taken when it’s supposed to be.  In other cases, someone may have had a procedure at the hospital and they want a nursing professional to look at their incision or change their dressing.

Other times, folks have had a prolonged stay in the hospital and need some in-patient or out-patient rehab services to get back on their feet.  It’s a peace of mind to people to know they can receive that all her at John Knox Village East – their home.  Sometimes folks need a combination of these services – some time at our in-patient rehab clinic followed by some in-apartment therapy.

And we all know some who have had health declines and require long term residency in a nursing home.  While we hope that doesn’t happen and the folks at John Knox Village East tend to stay independent longer than the general population, I’ve been told by numerous residents the peace of mind they feel knowing that if they need this type of care that it will be here in our care center where they receive it.  They won’t have to pick up and move somewhere else and they and their families won’t have to worry about finding a place because they’ve already got their foot in the door at John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center.

These are just some of the benefits of calling John Knox Village East home and the peace of mind that residents enjoy.  This peace of mind and reduced stress can certainly make our lives much more enjoyable and comfortable.

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