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Giving the Gift of Senior Care in a Retirement Community

As Christmas nears, it’s only natural to think of the many gifts that come from living at a retirement community. Those gifts come to both our parents who choose to call John Knox Village East home as well as their children who know that mom and dad are being taken care of. Senior care benefits not only the person receiving the care, but also their children who have peace of mind.

Many times Christmas and the holidays are one of the few times a year we get to see our parents for an extended period of time. It’s not uncommon for us to notice declines or changes in their physical or mental abilities during this time of year.  As we age, the changes from one year to the next can be dramatic.  Sometimes, seemingly small events can be the catalyst for significant changes in our health or well-being.  Living in a retirement community can head off these declines in a few ways.

Firstly, by being part of a community with a built-in support group, these changes are noticed more quickly, which allows for changes to be addressed through the senior care given to residents before they develop into more substantial deteriorations. Secondly, with an on-site rehabilitation staff, challenges can be addressed through therapy, either in the person’s apartment or in the therapy gym. Our therapy staff always works to return our residents to their highest level of independence.  Thirdly, socialization and being part of a community can keep declines from happening altogether in many cases.  Research has shown that isolation leads to many of health events that cause declines in us as we age.*  One of the gifts we can give our parents is our encouragement to consider senior living communities as an alternative to aging in their existing house.  Sometimes giving this push will help our parents consider this and lead to a more enjoyable and well-rounded way of living.  Many times parents take pride in the fact that they are planning out their own course and their own senior care without putting that burden on their children.

As a parent, we can also give the gift of retirement community living to our adult children. Many times, children are relieved to know that mom and dad have chosen to live in a retirement community.  They know that mom and dad are around friends and a support staff to help take care of them.  They know that they aren’t lonely.  They know that if their health declines mom and dad can receive the care they need without moving away from the circle of friends they have. They know that nutrition and transportation can be provided for mom and dad.  Our children receive the gift of knowing that mom and dad are taken care of and have planned for their own care and many times this care can be provided without requiring our children to take off work and take us to and from appointments.

If you’d like to chat with a resident and find out the best gift they’ve received by calling John Knox Village East home, calll us today at 660-584-4416 or visit us at and fill out the form. We’d be more than happy to put you in touch with a resident and you can benefit from their perspective.

*Loneliness in Older Persons: A Predictor of Functional Decline and Death, Arch Intern Med 2012

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