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You’ve made a terrific choice in selecting a new home at a senior living community that fits your lifestyle and needs. You’re eager to begin enjoying a more a worry-free future filled with all kinds of new opportunities. And as you near the finish line, you’re likely hoping to ensure your moving process continues to progress as smoothly as possible.

Finish Your Move Like A Pro

That’s where these tips can come in handy. Use them as a resource to help you successfully navigate the final steps of your move, and as always, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (660)-584-4416 whenever questions arise.

Staying organized

If you haven’t already, create a moving binder to help you keep information in one central, easy-to-find place. Use dividers to keep different kinds of information separate, and consider adding dividers with pockets to hold smaller things like receipts or business cards.

Your binder can include:

  • A calendar of key dates and move milestones
  • Task lists
  • Contact information
  • Estimates and bids
  • Receipts
  • Floor plan and customization choices for your new residence
  • Change of address checklist
  • Inventory of what you’re taking with you

Steps to take two months out

  • Schedule utility disconnects and make change of address notifications.
  • Get markers and labels so you’ll be ready to label boxes.
  • Schedule post-move cleaning services, if needed.
  • Gather valuables and important documents such as jewelry, checkbooks, legal documents, insurance policies, financial documents, medical records and other important files, and keep them in a lockable box you’ll personally transport to your new home
  • Confirm moving details.
  • Start cleaning out the pantry and deep freeze. Remember to also reduce cleaning supplies.
  • If you’re moving out of state, request copies of personal medical records (and vet records) and get any necessary medication.

 Tips for the final week

  • Pack suitcase for your first week after the move. Include medications.
  • Confirm mover arrival.
  • Arrange for refreshments for the movers.
  • Arrange your own transportation, as needed.
  • Ask a neighbor to collect mail that might come after your move.
  • If a pet is making the move with you, be sure to pack food and meds to ensure they’ll also have a smooth journey and safe arrival.
  • Pack valuables and seldom-used belongings that you’ve chosen to pack yourself.

What to do on moving day

  • Plan to tip the movers 10%-20%, or for a big move, consider tipping each mover $100
  • Settle your pet somewhere else for the day.
  • Let your move-in coordinator supervise so you can relax.

 Change of address checklist

To help you cover all the bases when it comes to change of address notifications, here’s a helpful list of places you may want to share your new information with:

Financial – banks, credit reporting bureaus, investment companies, insurance agents and lenders.

Gov’t – IRS, Dep’t. of Revenue, Dep’t. of Motor Vehicles, Post Office.

Memberships – professional associations, magazine subscriptions, civic organizations, churches,

and clubs.

Personal Services – accountant, attorney, cleaning service, lawn care, doctor and veterinarian.

If you have questions about navigating any of these items involved in your move, don’t hesitate to call us at 660 584 4416.

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