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Senior Living Should Appease Your Fears of Retirement, Not Fuel Them

As the month of October nears to a close and Halloween is here, it is an appropriate time to think about some of the things that scare us about senior living communities. At John Knox Village East, we can put your fear of retirement to rest.

Many times, we fear moving to a senior living community because we are afraid that we, or our loved one, will sacrifice an active senior lifestyle. There can be the perception that communities are isolated or enforce a strict schedule, which may lead one to worry about losing independence.  In reality, senior living communities make activities more available by providing on-site outlets and growth opportunities.  If you still want to run your errands, stay involved in current activities and visit family and friends, you can.  However, if you don’t want to drive, the community will provide transportation.  Often times, people confuse living in the family home with independence, forgetting that many times we have mobility or isolation issues that actually makes living at home less independent.  Senior living communities are designed to consistently engage residents providing the important social engagement that contributes to the quality of life.  At John Knox Village East, we have two activities directors on staff to make sure you stay engaged and active, no matter if you’re living at John Knox Village East or at Meyer Care Center.

Sometimes, we are afraid to move to a senior living community because we afraid of the cost – we fear that we will run out of money and won’t be able to afford proper elder care services. When considering senior living options, you should consider that there are many different types of communities that can fit within many budget scenarios. Rental communities can help preserve your nest egg by foregoing the entrance fee and then if funds are exhausted in the nursing home, Medicaid can help. Many folks also fail to realize that in many cases, staying at home can be more expensive than moving to a senior living community by the time you consider paying for modifications to the house to accommodate decreasing mobility scenarios and paying for help to come in. At John Knox Village East, we have both Life Care and Rental options.  The Life Care option allows you to enjoy a substantial discount at Meyer Care Center should you ever need those services.  The rental option entitles you to everything else, but you pay the full rate at the health center.  The Life Care option allows you to preserve money over the long run, while the rental option allows you to preserve money on the front end.

Some folks worry about the quality of care that they or a loved one will receive. This is especially true if family has been providing the care. The first step is to meet with the doctor and determine what level of care will be needed.  Then, write down a checklist to take with you as you visit different communities to find one that makes you feel comfortable. Some items on that checklist may be:  how will medications be handled and monitored, what is the nutrition plan for residents and what safety measures are in place for an emergency.  Remember, quality care is the most important factor for your longevity; so, don’t get distracted by fancy surroundings or a new building.  At John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center, we are proud to boast our 5-Star Medicare Rating which speaks to the quality care you’ll receive.

Some people worry that by moving to a senior living community, they’ll miss their current routine. This is one of the most common retirement fears. The transition is a big change, but that doesn’t mean you won’t adjust and come to enjoy your new surroundings.  In fact, 90% or more of senior living community residents report that they are highly satisfied with their living arrangements.  They also report feeling safer than they did at their hold house and are happy with the level of personal attention paid to them by staff members.  If this is a concern for you, meet with some current residents who can give you their perspective.

Some people have guilt about leaving their former surroundings behind or leaving the family home. Keep in mind that nothing is permanent.  At John Knox Village East, many residents move here and try our community out by leasing before they decide to make the investment and take advantage of the Life Care protection to moderate costs in the health center should they ever need it.

If you are considering moving to a senior living community, but have a fear of retirement and all that comes with it, we can answer your questions to help address those concerns.  Call us today at 660-584-4416 or visit us at and fill out the form get answers to any questions you might have.


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