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Protect Yourself Against The Flu

Over the past couple months we have addressed ways to keep yourself protected – whether that be early detection of a sepsis infection, protection against the effects of aging, protection against the financial impact of long term care, protection against isolation or protection against the flu.  This month, we’d like to focus on the last of these items.  With flu season in our sights, we thought it would be helpful to review some important ways to protect yourself against a bout with the flu.  We all know that older adult and young children are the most susceptible to complications from the flu.  At John Knox Village East, we recently held a town hall meeting where our Infectious Disease Control Director reminded our residents on the best ways to avoid coming down with the flu.  Below, you’ll find a summary of those helpful tips.

The first recommendation is for people to get flu shots.  Receiving yearly immunizations against the flu has been shown to reduce the instances and severity of flu cases.  At John Knox Village East, we have on-site vaccination opportunities where residents can show up and get their flu shot without even leaving campus.  We do this to reduce cases of the flu, hospitalizations of our residents and heath center admissions.

Our Infectious Disease Control Director also recommends the spread of germs by sneezing or coughing into your elbow instead of your hand, as well as washing your hands frequently to reduce the spread of disease.  The recommended procedure for washing your hands is to use tepid water instead of hot water.  It has been shown that hot water opens up the pores on your hands and makes them susceptible to picking up disease.  Experts also recommend washing your hands for a length of time equal to the time it would take to sing Happy Birthday twice or sing the ABC song once.  Our infectious disease expert said that it has been show that the friction created by washing your hands is what keeps them clean rather than the temperature of the water.

Our on-site expert also recommends that if you don’t feel well to stay in your home instead of getting out and about and sharing your germs with others.  Residents were reminded that at John Knox Village East, we will deliver their meals to their apartments if they’re not feeling well, helping to keep you nourished and strong while limiting the spread of disease.

It’s nice to have an expert on site dedicated to stopping the spread of germs and disease.  Call us at 660-584-4416 or email us at if you’d like to find out more about how we help people stay healthy during flu season.

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