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Move With Confidence

You’ve decided to make the move to a senior living community, but you may be wondering about what to expect when moving during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Here are some guidelines for what to expect during this time.

Move with Confidence.

Your guide to making a safe and smooth transition to your new senior living residence.

 While today there may be more factors to consider, moving to a senior living community is most certainly still a smart decision. To help you make a plan for your next move, we’ve outlined a few key areas to be aware of.

What to expect during this time:

  • More upfront conversation — Virtual tours and video calls to discuss details will likely take the place of community visits in the early stages of your engagement with a community.
  • Increased precautions and protocols—Wearing a mask and maintaining social distance may be required for in-person appointments and small group events.
  • Prescreening and sanitization—New residents will be tested for COVID-19 and screened for symptoms. Their new residences will be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and prepared for their arrival.

Important questions to ask:

  • How has the community handled the pandemic from both safety and lifestyle perspectives?
  • What sorts of procedures or policies are in place, and how have they worked?
  • What does the day-to-day routine look like for residents and staff members?
  • In what ways has the community created opportunities for safe social engagement?
  • What’s being done to help residents maintain their physical and mental health?
  • How has the community helped family members and loved ones stay connected?
  • What kinds of changes have been made to the dining program?

Why now may actually be an advantageous time to move:

One of the major advantages a community can provide in difficult times is a sense of security. It’s a reassurance that comes from having a built-in support system there to always look after your needs. Additionally, the community setting can supply a greater level of meaningful human connection and everyday convenience compared to living on your own.

At the moment, you may also be able to secure special incentives on the residence of your choice when you take possession by a certain date. Combine those savings with the valuable array of health and lifestyle benefits, and the decision to move to a senior living community could make a lot of sense.

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