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As the New Year is upon us, it’s only natural to focus our attention on our hopes for what the New Year will bring us in 2022.  At John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center, we’d like to share our hopes for this New Year with you.

One of our hopes for the New Year is a continued return to “normal”.  We, like everyone else, are tired of wearing masks, screening visitors and setting limits on group gatherings.  We long for the times when large groups were able to use our meeting rooms to host birthday parties, family holiday gatherings, class reunions and more.  But, we are also thankful for the socialization and gatherings that do continue among our family here at John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center.  We’re thankful that we are able to play cards and games, we are able to enjoy our coffee groups, we are able to have our crafting class and other gatherings.  While it’s not the same as it was prior to COVID, we are able to enjoy being around each other and all the enjoyment that it provides.

Another of our hopes for the New Year is good health.  We hope that all of our residents, their families, our staff and their families and the community at large all enjoy good health in 2022.  We know that when we feel good, life is so much better.  We are also thankful that by being part of the community at John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center that we have a plan in place should a health challenge befall us.  We know that we have a rehab team that will get us back on our feet and a nurse navigator that will help us traverse the process of going from hospital to rehab to home.

Our concluding wish for the New Year is peace.  We all want peace on earth because it means that times are relatively good.  But our wish for peace is more than that.  Our wish for peace is an internal peace – a peace of mind.  We know that when we are worried or stressed it can affect our mood, our health and our abilities.  We are thankful for the peace of mind that John Knox Village East & Meyer Care Center provides our residents and their families.  We know that we don’t have to worry about where we’ll receive care when we need it, we don’t have to worry about what to do when the house gets to be too much for us, we don’t have to worry about being isolated and so much more.  Having this peace of mind enables us to focus on the things we enjoy.  We can spend time pursuing our hobbies and socializing with others instead all those chores around the house.

We hope the New Year brings you all health, happiness and peace.

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